Orlando Towers video and photo gallery

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Video Clips

(courtesy SA Tourism)


Orlando Towers - Activities

Activities: Bungee, Power Swing, Internal Swing

Orlando Towers - Artwork

20100301 Hansie Myburgh professional photos

Orlando Towers - Development Milestones

20090905 First Bungee Jump
20090329 Rap Jump Fiesta
20081101 Top Billing
20081008 Moroka Swallows
20080830 Soweto with Maraai
20080830 Base Jumping
20080713 USA Tour Group: Young Presidents Association
20080712 The Launch of the BIG SWING

Construction Phase 2 - Bungee Bridge

20090901 The Bungee Bridge is Completed
20090812 The Bungee Bridge Construction

Construction Phase 1

20080628 Finishing off the Viewing Platform
20080329 The Lift is Completed
20080320 Staff Training
20080223 The Lift Arrives
20080131 Levelling Out
20080115 Breaking Ground
20080101 Orlando Towers Before Construction